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Dog waste disposal and dog poo disposal has evolved.

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Flushable poo bags are also available for your doggy toilet needs.

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Doggybog is the must-have accessory for  pet waste disposal

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The clean, green, no mess, no stress way to dispose of dog poo.

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Q. I have a down spout  next to my soil pipe, can Doggybog be fitted the other way round?

A. Yes Doggybog™ can fitted left or right handed it can even be fitted sticking away from the building. The choice is yours.

Q. Can my children use Doggybog™?

A. Doggybog™ can be used by all ages but obviously you need to wash your hands afterwards.

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Q. Do I need to clean my Doggybog™?

A. The Doggybog™ is just like flushing a toilet so no bleach is necessary but if you would like to bleach your product it will do it no harm.

Q. How long does my Doggybog™ last?

A. Your Doggybog™ will last as long as the soil pipe on your house.

Q. Are any special tools required to fit Doggybog™?

A. You will need a hacksaw, screwdriver, tape measure and pencil

Q. Can I put plastic poop bags down my Doggybog™.?

A. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances can PVC Poo bags be put into the sewage system unless they are  made to be fully flushable.

Q. How do I flush my Doggybog?

A.  We would recommend using recycled water from a water butt or similar receptacle.  The doggybog should not be connected directly to the water mains. We are currently working on an adapter to allow the introduction of water without a hose pipe using just a standard household milk bottle. GREAT for recycling & easy to use.

Q. Can I put my Poop bags down after a walk?

A. You can only put FLUSHABLE poop bags down the Doggybog™. These are specifically designed to be flushed down the toilet and completely break down in the sewage system. These are available from our site shop or see our sister site www.flushablepoobags.co.uk

Q. Do I need a professional to fit my Doggybog™?

A. Doggybog™ can be diy fitted  in under an hour.

Q. Are we allowed to flush Dog poop into the human sewer system?

A. We have spoken with the legal experts at United Utilities and they have no objections to its use in their domestic sewage disposal system. Other utility companies take a similar view.

The government  web site  www.direct.gov.uk  advises that dog waste should either be buried or flushed.

You should not put it in your green garden waste or rubbish bins. Please follow the link above and scroll down to advice for dog owners

Q. I am considering buying one of your Doggybog’s™, but I have a concern, our toilets have an s bent and a layer of water to prevent the smell from returning up the pipe. How does the Doggy Bog prevent smells from leaking out of the lid.

A. The lid of the Doggybog is sealed with a rubber gasket in the very same way a rodding eye is sealed on a standard soil pipe. So when the lid is on nothing leaks.

 It is worth remembering though that all soil pipes are vented at the top or in some cases a Durgo valve to allow good water flow and reduce gas build up in the sewage system -no smell is present in our atmosphere.

The layer of water that a 'Normal' toilet has is called a 'water seal' and this is only needed if fitted on the inside of a house. The Doggybog™ is intended for external use only.


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It is the policy of Doggybog™ to continually improve our products and designs, we reserve the right to change specification.

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