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Dog waste disposal and dog poo disposal has evolved.

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Flushable poo bags are also available for your doggy toilet needs.

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Doggybog is the must-have accessory for  pet waste disposal

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What is the green solution for getting rid of Dog Poo?

Doggybog™  is the brainchild of Dylan and Janet Taylor, the owners of 2 beautiful border  terriers, 4 cats and parents of 2 gorgeous boys.

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Meet Ruff  and Tumble  the inspiration behind Doggybog®. They may be small but between them  they produce an incredible amount of poop.Dog poo disposal can be a problem!!!

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As most  dog owners will appreciate, one of the least pleasant parts of owning a dog is  cleaning up after them, then finding a suitable place to dispose of the  poop or poo.

    • You can  pick dog poo up in a plastic bag, but we are all being told to save the world by  using less plastic. It then needs to go in your bin, which in summer starts to  smell.
    • If you’re  brave you can put the poop down your inside loo, but carrying it through the  house is just asking for trouble!
    • Chemical  toilets are a costly alternative, but they are difficult to balance and that’s  only after digging a hole in the garden -not an option for  everybody.
    • Some  owners leave the poop for the slugs to eat, but unfortunately slugs don’t tend to  distinguish between doggy-do’s and prize flowers.

We  needed a way of disposing of animal waste into the sewage system that was easy  to fit, easily usable by ALL ages of pet owners and flushable, so there was a  minimal chance of infection and smell.

Dylan  did try flushing dog poo down the toilet but after an unfortunate incident of  dropping some whilst walking through the house and up the stairs it was deemed  that the idea of flushing was good, but the execution of it was not!!!

This  is when the Doggybog® cogs started to turn and the Doggybog® was born. As the  saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and it was that or divorce  papers!

Several  sleepless nights later and the first working model was created. It was then  fitted to the back of our house within 30 minutes and what a difference!  Cleaning the back yard is no longer a chore - simply scoop, chute and  flush*.

But  what about when we take our girls for a walk? We managed to source some  flushable poop bags which we carry back, throw down the Doggybog® and wash away.  The flushable poop bags then disintegrate in the sewer system.


Plastic  bags not required

Just Scoop, Chute & Flush

The sensible solution to Dog pooh disposal

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It is the policy of Doggybog™ to continually improve our products and designs, we reserve the right to change specification.

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 poo disposal, poo bags,
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